Monday, April 25, 2011

Thanks Fren..

This cup cake special for my fren,kak Jue,thanks being my 1st follower in this blog.

Mommy to be...

This cup cake special for my dearest fren,mommy to be...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cup Cake for Greeting

Order from My Hubby's fren Jiha at AmIslami Bank for her sister.  Theme color black and white.

Her sister study at IIUM Gombak major in Architecture. So that's why have building,book n brush. Hehehehe...

Strawbery Cup Cake

This Strawbery cup cake are requested from my sister, Syila on her birthday 27 March. Flavour Strawbery with wipping cream and fresh strawbery on the top.

And this one requested by Mr.Zulfadhli (my hubby) . Strawbery flavour with "Jem Strawbery" in the middle of the cake and Chocolate Strawbery on the top.

Hope both of u like it...

Cup Cake For Birthday

Order from my sister, Sahila fren at Karang Kraff for her "Lovely Hubby" birthday. Theme Pink n White.

Thanks for the order...

Cup Cake for house warming

Order for my Ex-Boss  Pn.Norliza Bain for her fren "House Warming". Flavour Chocolate Chip. Theme colour Pink,White n Red.

Thanks Kak Liza for the order.

Cup Cake For Engagement

Order from Mr.Nor Hafizi Ismail for his sister "Engagement Day".
Flavour Chocolate Chip.

Cup Cake For Cik Hartini

Order for Cik Hartini,OCBC Bank for "Jamuan Makan-makan" at her sister house. Theme hapening...Flavour Strawbery & Chocolate Chip
~dia nk 30biji jer...~

Birthday Chup Cake For Kaisah

Order from my fren Pn.Noor Hidanah for her daughter. Theme Princess Edible Image.

Memperkenalkan Blog Terbaru Saya..

Selamat datang to "Mommy Chup Cake" blog. Blog i yang "Farra & Substance from My Surounding" tu lebih kepada cerita-cerita pasal life kami sekeluarga..Tapi blog yang ni lebih kepada koleksi cup cake yang i buat untuk customer. Kepada sesiapa yang berminat tu boleh la tempah dengan i yerk....